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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (June 2012)

Overflow Internet Services values the security and privacy of information supplied by customers, and develops policies to ensure this information remains safe. Additional privacy information may apply to specific products and services and should refer to the specific products SFOA or NDA if applicable prior to acquiring services or supplying personal information to Overflow Internet Services .

Overflow Internet Services are obligated to keep the information you supply secure, including but not limited to Name, Contact information including phone numbers or street addresses, details regarding the services you acquire from Overflow Internet Services , Payment information including but not limited to Bank Account or Credit Card information and usernames and passwords supplied to you by Overflow Internet Services . 

Overflow Internet Services will keep customer supplied information in order to process customer orders, continue to supply the acquired services and complete billing processes.

Overflow Internet Services will never provide personal information to a third party, including the sale of your contact information to mailing or marketing harvesting lists.

Overflow Internet Services implements security features on our infrastructure including encryption and firewalling technologies. Overflow Internet Services endeavors to ensure all information transmitted from yourself to Overflow Internet Services is secure, via the use of SSL (HTTPS) during order wizards and customer portals. Customers are encouraged to confirm the existence of a secure connection when sending personal information to Overflow Internet Services , and if are unsure should contact Overflow Internet Services prior to submitting any information.

Overflow Internet Services may from time to time contact you with customer satisfaction surveys or marketing material specific to your account. Any information collected during these surveys is confidential.

This privacy policy is developed in accordance with our Standard Terms of Service, and when requested by a law agency Overflow Internet Services may be required to surrender customer information

Overflow Internet Services reserve the right to report any activity which we believe to be suspicious or fraudulent to the relevant agency.

This policy may be updated without notice to the customer

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